Engineered to Outlive You

  • Extenda-Life®

    Extenda-Life® Crossarms are the same superior quality crossarms that Brooks has produced for decades, with the addition of a specially designed nail end plate hydraulically pressed into each end. Extenda-Shield is an ultra-strong coating from the Brooks' line of Extenda products.

  • Traditional Crossarms

    Traditional Brooks Extenda-Life® Crossarms

    Douglas fir crossarms come from sustainable forests that are managed to meet the social, economic, and ecological needs of present and future generations. Treated douglas fir wood remains the most cost effective material in terms of initial costs as well as total lifecycle costs.

  • Transmission Framing

    Transmission Framing

    For over 60 years Brooks Manufacturing Co. has been designing and manufacturing quality wood transmission products for the electric utlility industry. These products are available as individual components or as complete structure kits up to 345 kV. Transmission framing products are available with Extenda-Life® coating and end plates.

  • Pole Line Hardware

    Brooks has a wide variety of engineered hardware items and components which form an integral part of our structure designs and assembled wood products. We provide complete structure framing kits and project packages.

  • Eco Factor


    On average, Brooks Manufacturing sequesters 15 million pounds of carbon per year. In addition, all the leftover wood scraps are used on-site to power a portion of our machinery.

Distribution Crossarms

Transmission Framing

Pole Line Hardware


NEW UPDATE:  BROOKS standard crossarms, deadends, and braces can now be used in PLS.  Please visit to download BROOKS component libraries.